My Jyotish Bookshelf

When I first started studying Jyotish I became obsessed with finding the absolute best resources I could in order to learn the system as I felt I would never find a proper teacher. I was unemployed at the time but still decided to spend the entirety of my final paycheck on Jyotish books. Many of these I have read and some I use mostly to reference as I am currently spending more time studying with Michael Reed and Ernst Wilhelm than I do reading Jyotish books.

I highly recommend taking courses with those two legends of astrology. However, if you prefer to teach yourself, many of these books will be incredibly helpful. You may click on any of the books to learn more about them and to purchase them if you would like. Many of these books were recommended by highly regarded Vedic Astrologers, the others were purchased only after hours and hours (and sometimes weeks or months) of research. Some were given to me as gifts. There are a few other rare books that I have not included on this list. I will be updating it soon!