Listen to the Stars is a website dedicated to publishing high quality essays and research articles in the fields of tarot, healing and Jyotish.


This is Nicole the editor in chief of Listen to the Stars. I created this site to display all of the best writing in regards to the subjects I love the most. I actually used to contribute “spiritual” articles to other sites online, including big ones like Thought Catalog. Some of my articles were read by thousands and thousands of people all around the world! I was one of the very first people to write about metaphysical articles on such a big site, but I had to stop as I was writing under a pen name and keeping my identity under wraps, because of a dangerous situation I was going through at the time. However, even in a short time of writing for the site I noticed how insatiable people were for spiritual knowledge. I didn’t feel quite ready for the attention I as getting- the fan mail and crazy comments for instance- but I knew that the spirituality was on the rise and I had just caught the first big wave!

Since then, spiritual articles have blown up! Entire sites have become dedicated to writing about mindfulness, yoga and crystals. Buzzfeed and the Huffington post have capitalized on spirituality as well- offering featured articles by guest authors, similar to what I was experimenting with several years ago.

“I have watched all this happen in a detached way while I have focused on my own spiritual development and study and what I have seen really concerns me.”

Many of the articles being written are very superficial and highly inaccurate, the credentials of the people writing them are even worse. I found one website with several dozen articles on astrology and healthy living that seemed to be written by an expert. Upon further examination, I realized the articles were nothing more than aggregates of previously written astrology articles and their author was a stand-up comedian just trying to pay her rent with a nice writing gig. She had been writing about the benefits of healthy living, but her bio photo was smoking a cigarette while drinking a low ball of whisky. I was very bothered by this.

“I realized that it is becoming increasingly difficult to seek out spiritual wisdom from those who are actually qualified to write about spirituality.”

By saying this I am by no means saying I am qualified, but at this stage I can no longer deny my own empirical experience of the spiritual realm that I have cultivated consciously since age 12. At the very least I hope my observations will serve to validate some experiences for those who are seeking.

I have found that the articles written by those who are actually heavy in knowledge have become lost in a sea of phonies. I also noticed that there really are many who are qualified to teach and share their wisdom, but all are doing so on their own websites. Most readers do not like to go and visit each individual site. That is why so many readers today rely on “feeds.” I was at want for a feed of only the best of the best, but couldn’t find one.

So, I wanted to create a home for all of the greatest writers of the esoteric. I dreamt of a home for those who are not only devoted to sharing spiritual wisdom, but also devoted to the continuing cultivation of this wisdom and also to their own personal development. I wanted a site free of hypocrisy, of aggregates and of greediness. Just a place for those who are truly keen to teach and to learn to come together.

“Listen to the Stars is a home for knowledge at its most refined.”

All articles will be peer reviewed before being posted. What is more is that articles will only be published by those who are deemed qualified to handle subject matter related to tarot, astrology and healing. This isn’t meant to be exclusive, but is meant to give those who are looking to be published a certain goal post to strive for. Authors will either be experts in their field or students with an exceptional level of knowledge or experience.

As a secondary goal, Listen to the Stars will be a home to researchers in the fields of tarot, healing & Jyotish. Intelligent researchers will finally have a site to publish and receive feedback on well-formed research articles and share data with each other.

My goal is to have this site take on a life of its own infused by the spirit of those who contribute and read it. My hope is that Listen to the Stars will be the gold standard for short form writing on tarot, healing and Jyotish. The articles on this site will be written in a clear, thoughtful and concise fashion. In this way we will have the possibility of advancing these fields in an authentic and credible way. Listen to the Stars will be a space where those who are sharing are as sincere as those who are seeking. May the esoteric, the academic and the scientific come together in a holy trinity within this site. I am so happy to be writing this and am looking forward to interacting with you via your articles or your comments. May we further legitimize these mystical arts that we love so much!

Nicole ☽