Sagittarius Swamsha ✧ | A Very LUCKY Fall From a Height

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In Jaimini astrology we can study the placement of the atmakaraka or soul planet in the navamsha to understand the destiny of the native. The soul planet is the planet in the horoscope that is the highest in degrees.  This placement of the atmakaraka in the navamsha is referred to as the swamsha.

When a native has a Sagittarius swamsha they are said to be susceptible to a “fall from a height.”

Being an optimistic person, I never really loved knowing that the placement of the atmakaraka or AK in the navamsha could only lead to poor results. I think that all “bad” placements can have amazing benefits too. I believe that the placements of the planets at the time of our birth are the exact ingredients necessary for us to fulfill our life purpose. So, while the AK in Sagittarius navamsha may indeed bring a fall from a height, for months I kept asking myself- what kind of beauty could it bring?


The Beauty of Sagittarius Swamsha 

The answer to my question literally fell out of a tree yesterday. As I was taking a break from preparing my Tuesday class, I sat watching some blue jays eating an avocado that had fallen down from an avocado tree. They were so excited about the fruit that they showed very little fear that I was watching them. The fruit looked delicious and the birds were happy too.

The fruit had fallen from a height and was now nourishing the birds as well as myself. I had eaten several avocados from that tree in the past couple of weeks.

Most delicious fruit that nourishes many and contains seed upon seed of potential fruits fall from great heights. Falling from a height can be dangerous, but it can bring a beautiful and nourishing gift packed with potential from the heavens to the Earth.

This more optimistic way of looking at a fall from the heights also aligns much more with my idea of the benefic quality of Jupiter. Jupiter is expansion and abundance. Fruit themselves are incredibly abundant. From just one apple you can plant about a dozen apple seeds whose trees will contains hundreds of fruits which will produce thousands of seeds.

Sagittarius also rules the natural 9th house, which in vedic astrology rules over many auspicious things including our prosperity, poorva punya- past life credit & children (due to being 5th from the 5th), luck, fortune and faith.

Why is the falling necessary?

Just like the 5th house the 9th house has a darker side. The 5th house is another house of children & poorva punya as well as romance, creativity and self expression, however this is a house that we look at when we examine shame in a horoscope as this house is the 8th from the 10th (a fall- 8th from the 10th-heights), the 9th house is 5th from the 5th so with the 9th house as well we see this same quality repeating)- by virtue of bhavat bhavam.

The 9th is actually the 8th (the fall) from Taurus or the natural 2nd house. The 2nd house is a house of nourishment and food, it is what we take in through the mouth. According to my line of thinking, in Sagittarius or the natural 9th house this food or nourishment falls from the heavens. This happens in real life too when ripened fruit falls from a tree. Interestingly enough the ruler of Sagittarius- Jupiter rules over all fruit bearing (blossoming) trees.

Fall from a vehicle

The ancient texts not only describe a fall from a height, but actually mention “a fall from a height or a vehicle.” While Sagittarius swamsha may bring an actual fall or car accident, we can learn more about this placement by studying the symbolism of the 9th house more deeply.

Lord Shiva’s vehicle is Nandi, who is a bull- the same image that we are given of Taurus. Could this fall from the height just literally mean that the 9th is 8th (a fall) from the 2nd (Nandi-Taurus-the bull)? The bull itself symbolizes unrestrained sexual energy. Could Sagittarius swamsha bring the gain of control over the sexual forces? I have actually seen cases of this with those having Sagittarius swamsha- an unbridled sexual force becomes quite restrained through spiritual discipline and practice as the native matures. The sexual drive in these natives at a young age can be quite out of control and overwhelming. Many choose to practice celibacy or turn to spiritual pursuits in order to tame their sexual energies.

Speaking of vehicles, as I was discussing these ideas with someone over lunch they mentioned another metaphorical image of how a fall from the heights might be auspicious in relation to vehicles. Before there were cars, chariots, bicycles etc we only had nature in its wild and unrestrained beauty. An example of a being who acts as a chariot is a bee. Bees carry pollen from flower to flower and the pollen itself falls from the bee onto the flowers which fertilize the ovules of the plant in order to create new seeds.

Again and again with Sagittarius we see this idea of a fall that then creates abundance for all.

9- Sagittarius – Numerology

It is also interesting to take into account a numerological understanding of the number 9 as 9 relates to the sign of Sagittarius. The number 9 is related to Ketu, the planet of liberation and is therefore a number of divine fulfillment that goes beyond the material and sensual to connect with something greater. This is quite literally the number of divine friendship.

The fulfillment of the 9 connects with a deeper principle that goes beyond the ego or “I” and begins to direct itself towards the benefit of all.

More about the 9th house

I find it so interesting that the 9th house, being 5th from the 5th is related to children as a human mother spends 9 months being pregnant before giving birth and the baby falls literally headfirst from the womb, at least in more traditional methods of childbirth.

The 9th house is also 2nd from the 8th, the “gain (2nd) of the 8th (intimacy), which is typically a long term relationship (9th) and could be a child (9th).

The 9th house is also the 5th from the 5th. It is the creative self expression of creative self-expression. Here again is this concept of unending abundance. It is the creative fire recharging itself in unending articulation.

I bring this up to show how the 9th house so often relates to the creative aspect on many different levels, all of which direct themselves towards a regenerating cycle.


Examples of Benefic Sagittarius Swamsha

In Argentina there is actually a saying when good fortune arrives which is, “cayó del cielo” which literally translates into “it fell from the sky.”

Falling need not always be bad, sometimes it is simply necessary. Things from the heavens could not touch the earth if they did not fall. Weight, which is necessary for falling is actually a quality of Jupiter!

After having reflected on Sagittarius swamsha for months now, I feel strongly that while an actual fall from the heights or from a vehicle is very possible while having this placement, this placement can also bring amazing gifts to the native and to those that the native connects with.


I studied my personal database of individuals with Sagittarius swamsha and found that many of my most successful friends who have talent and fame have Sagittarius swamsha. Of course they have had ups and downs in their careers, but for the most part they have created work that has influenced and nourished many. Many of them have even been the creators of genres or the first in their field to do something incredible.

One friend I have with Sagittarius swamsha who isn‘t influencing the world with amazing art and music, is quite literally falling from the heights daily while surfing! He actually just posted an amazing wipeout picture of himself flying through the air a few minutes before I wrote this article. Even without a fan base and artistic talent this is a person who transforms the lives of those he meets daily. He is an incredibly influential, optimistic and inspiring person.


As for celebrities with Sagittarius swamsha, there are some HUGE stars worthy of note:

Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, Donald Trump, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Barbara Walters, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frank Sinatra, Barak Obama…

Each of these people was so unique in their expression of life through their talents and creativity and created opportunities for many. So many people are inspired and nourished by the work of Marilyn Monroe, the songs of Frank Sinatra and the technological development achieved by Steve Jobs. It is a powerful position where a person can create abundance for decades to come. These individuals are more or less the first or best in what they did and are extremely iconic. Without them we would not have so much of the film, fashion, art and technology that we do today.

Just to note- of this list Steve Jobs, Frank Sinatra, Barak Obama & Bill Gates, were known to have gigantic sexual appetites! Of course that cannot be personally verified, but it is commonly believed to be true.



Final Thoughts

As I was finishing writing this article an avocado fell down from the sky a few feet away from me- a powerful omen that I must be onto something. I hope that fellow astrologers will share their thoughts and research on this placement in the comments below. For those of you with Sagittarius swamsha- do not distress, there is beauty in every placement and I think that this might be a very fruitful placement indeed!

Recommended further reading: Graha Sutras  & Jaimini Sutras Raw by Ernst Wilhelm

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  1. THIS PART IS ASTONIGHLY TRUE Sagittarius swamsha bring the gain of control over the sexual forces? I have actually seen cases of this with those having Sagittarius swamsha- an unbridled sexual force becomes quite restrained through spiritual discipline and practice as the native matures. The sexual drive in these natives at a young age can be quite out of control and overwhelming. Many choose to practice celibacy or turn to spiritual pursuits in order to tame their sexual energies.

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