The Allegorical Sun ☉ Ambitious, Inspired Leader

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As part of my astrological makeover series, I have turned myself into the Sun! This is the accompanying article to the video I made where I document my entire makeover. You may watch that here:

For each of my astrological makeovers,  I reference the ancient texts, especially Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra as compiled in the Graha Sutras by Ernst Wilhelm. In this text we find the following description of the Sun:

“Honey-yellow eyed is the Sun, square and radiantly pure, O’

Twice Born, of Pitta nature, intelligent, masculine, with but little

hair, O’ Twice Born.”

I transformed myself into the Sun using makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe. As the Sun rules over consistency… I had to put in quite a lot of effort to pull off this look and I had to make some huge sacrifices– I cut off over 12 inches of my hair! Alas, with Sun being exalted in Aries at the time of filming as well as during the time of my haircut, I had the strength of the Sun himself shining down on me. In this article I will take you through my transformation and discuss some information that I didn’t go over within the makeover video. 🌞

1. Yellow. Planets don’t naturally rule colors, but planets do rule signs. The Sun rules over only one sign- Leo. Naturally, leo rules over the color yellow. As the ensemble I had picked out for the sun- a red jumpsuit, didn’t really pair well with yellow, I incorporated a yellow turmeric face mask into my beauty routine. It was really fun that this is considered a “brightening” mask. The sun is also “honey-yellow eyed.” I found colored contacts to be extremely aggravating for my eyes, so I opted for a yellow eyeshadow as a subtle highlight for my eye look to bring in some honey color.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.45.03 PMThe Sun being honey-yellow eyed is not just about color, but also about the Sun’s natural ability to see the sweetness all around him.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.45.43 PM

2.  Little hair. The Sun has little hair. This is a very symbolic statement, which represents the quality that the Sun has of not really paying attention to that which the Sun has no control over. You can not move your hair in the same way you move a finger or a toe. The hair represents anything that is out of our control. The Sun is more concerned with that which he does control– his responsibilities and duties. Hair also represents the past and the memories contained therein. The Sun is more concerned with the present and the future than with the past. For this look I cut off over 12 inches of hair. Most of this hair was ready to go- with terrible split ends and an obvious weight of the past. I also slicked back my hair as to bring very little attention to it.

I also lightened my eyebrows as to make them less intense and used very tiny eyelash extensions instead of a full set of lashes as I normally would during these transformation videos.


3. Dry. The Sun is a dry planet. Very simply put the Sun will have a drying influence on all that he touches. An influence of the Sun on your vacation might show that you will take a trip to a dry climate. To show this particular quality of the Sun I blow dried my hair. I only ever blow dry my hair once or twice a year- it is a huge rarity for me, but I felt this was the perfect time to do so! I also showed the face mask slowly drying up as a secondary expression of this quality.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.09.38 PM

4. Square. The Sun is considered to be square, which is very important to understand as “square” means that the Sun is stable, firm, consistent, committable and reliable. Those with a prominent and healthy Sun will personify those amazing qualities. They will always show up for work, they will be there for their partner through thick and thin and they will apply themselves regularly to their passions.

I showed the square quality of the Sun in many ways throughout the making of this video. First off, I contoured my face to give it a more square-like face (please note, I am an amateur at contouring, but I did my best!), I also wore earrings with a square cut and I posed with my hands framing my face in square shape.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.16.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.16.25 PMSUN-24-3

5. Wood. Along with symbolizing the square shape that is symbolic of the Sun, the earrings I chose served another purpose. They were cut from African blackwood. They were literally made out of wood- a material that the Sun rules over. Sun actually rules over any type of stout plant that is anchored into the ground and does not move- unlike a fern or creeping ivy. I thought the blackwood was also appropriate as the Sun tends to darken all that it touches.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.21.40 PM.png

6. Copper. While yellow is the color more-so aligned with the Sun. Copper is a metal that is associated with the Sun and all images of the Sun are to be made of copper. The top part of the earrings I chose were copper. These were the absolute perfect earrings to represent the Sun! The little image I had of the Sun was not made from Copper, but had a very similar appearance to copper so I have also included that image here. This is the type of image of the Sun that should be made from copper.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.22.29 PMSUN-46

7. Reddish-copper complexion. The planets rule over certain types of skin tones, races and complexions. The Sun specifically rules over any races that have a more reddish-coppery skin tone. I couldn’t change my race, but I did add quite a bit of bronzer and brown contouring to deepen the tone of my skin around the edges of my face. Later on I went in with some red pigment along my cheeks and the sides of my forehead. I added a coppery glimmer as an eyeliner on my eyes and a bronze eyeliner along my waterline. I also added coppery flecks of freckles along my cheeks and forehead.

Freckles are not a natural quality of the Sun on its own. They are actually more representative of the Sun being with the lagna lord where the lagna lord is combust.


SUN-59-2 (1)

8. Thick red linen. As far as fabrics go, the Sun rules over red linen the Sun also rules over anything that is thickso the type of linen the sun rules over is thick, red linen. I went with a red jumpsuit for the wardrobe of the Sun. I chose this particular jumpsuit as the fabric itself was thick, almost denim-like in texture. The jumpsuit is actually unisex, which brought in a more masculine quality as the Sun is the most masculine planet. The jumpsuit is somewhat utilitarian, a quality I would align with Saturn, however I liked that this particular jumpsuit inspired movement. The Sun is pitta, meaning that the Sun enjoys action. Jumpsuits are the perfect outfit for moving around and getting things done. Although, for the Sun any work done might likely be within the role of a leader rather than a servant (Saturn). The Sun himself, however, is quite dutiful.


I also added a secret service pin to my jumpsuit. The pin itself is in the shape of a limo. The Sun rules over large vehicles including limos and buses. The Sun is a part of the kshatriya or “warrior” caste. Kshatriyas are called to align themselves with some kind of a greater ideal or dharma and to be in positions where they can successfully make tough decisions. So, the Sun is great at being a leader or in a position of authority such as working for the government.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.04.33 PM

9. Lotus & Hibiscus. The Sun is most traditionally associated with the lotus flower, according to the following quote:

“Lotus seated, lotus in hand, brilliant as a lotus flower and sitting in a seven horse drawn chariot with two arms is the Sun.”

The symbolic expression of the lotus is that of living in the world, but being above it, just as the light of the Sun permeates the Earth yet the Sun remains in the sky or how the lotus rests its beautiful petals above the mud that it grows within. This quality allows the Sun to self-sacrifice as well as surrender, making the Sun a powerful leader. Those that rule must not worry about the things that aren’t worth their time (mud).

While I wish I had lotus flowers to express this wonderful quality of the Sun. I only had some hibiscus. The association between the hibiscus flower and the Sun, can best be shown in a Surya mantra devoted to the Sun from the Navagraha Stotram of Vyasa:

“I pray to the creator of days, the destroyer of all sins, the enemy of darkness, the greatly lustered, the descendant of Kashyapa, and the one who shines like a red hibiscus.”

Here the hibiscus is representative of the complexion of Surya himself. Hibiscus has also been traditionally used in remedial astrology to assist in propitiating a weak Sun in the horoscope. I paid homage to this flower in lieu of hibiscus and represented the lotus flower by sitting in the lotus position.


10. Agni. Fire was a very important element that I wanted to capture for the Sun as the presiding deity for the Sun is Agni. Agni means “conveyor.” This word relates to the way that flames point upwards towards the realm of the gods.


11. Residences of the devas. Every planet relates to a specific type of living environment or location. The Sun itself rules over the residences of the devas, which includes any places of worship- churches, temples, mosques, meditation centers and even the altar area of a person’s home. To demonstrate this we took photos of me in front of a beautiful church with rays of light shining behind me representing one of the names of the Sun- “Arka,” which means “the ray.”


12. Red Lips. In the Graha Sutras Ernst Wilhelm actually gives suggestions for the types of makeup that each planet might wear. I actually just followed his suggestion exactly and chose red lips for the makeup of choice for the Sun.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.30.01 PM.png

13. The Light Bringer. The Sun has many names and most of these names have to do with Sun being associated with light as well as banishing darkness. One of these names is Divakarawhich means “the maker of the day.” This represents the Sun as being the banisher of darkness or the planet responsible for removing the ignorance of the self that keeps us from achieving our full potential. Another name for the Sun is Surya which means “the supreme light.” The following set of images exemplify this quality of the Sun being both a physical light and the spiritual light of purification.


15. Luminous Graha. The Sun is a luminous graha, meaning that the Sun represents the core self or the soul (atman). The Sun in the horoscope shows us the literal spark of the divine that we are. I showed this aspect of the Sun by making my skin very luminous by using a glow-y highlighter on my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes and cupid’s bow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.30.23 PM.png

12. Upward Looking. This is the final image I have chosen for the Sun and the image I feel best exemplifies the Sun in all of his qualities, except for the fact that the Sun is not placed in a residence of the Devas. In this photo we have the Sun with a very warm, reddish tint to the skin. The lighting is a very sunny glow. We can clearly see the full form of the red linen that the Sun is wearing, the hair is slicked back and the Sun is looking upwards. Upward looking planets are always thinking about the wonderful achievements that the future holds. The Sun looks to the future towards his responsibilities and duties- all of the things he must do to be a wonderful leader. He is always envisioning the great things that he will accomplish in the future. 


✧ To learn more about the planets, please check out the fantastic book, Graha Sutras by my teacher Ernst Wilhelm. You may also check out the other astrological makeovers in this series, by visiting my Youtube Channel Listen to the Stars.

If you are interested in booking an astrology, tarot, Cards of Truth reading or coaching session with Nicole, you may do so at her website:

Alex Johnson is a wonderful photographer who took all of the photos of me in my bedroom. You may check out his website here.

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