Saturn Reference Guide ♄

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Today we will examine one of the most misunderstood planets in our solar system- Saturn. This is the perfect time to talk about Saturn as he has just left the sign of tropical Sagittarius in December and will be traveling through Capricorn for the next two and half years. In this reference guide I offer as much information as I can about Saturn. The majority of what I have written below comes from Vedic astrology, but I have pulled some information from Western astrology as well. In some cases I mention the Western astrology origin of a meaning, especially if it differs greatly from Vedic astrology.  If you are a purist I highly recommend conducting your own research and creating your own guide. I have included some excellent resources at the end of this guide.

Saturn’s features astronomically: beautiful rings and a big red eye

Saturn’s Glyph: Some say the glyph is Saturn’s sickle. Often people explain the planetary glyphs as a combination of different structures within the glyph. For instance the cross in Saturn’s glyph represents the practical or physical matter. Others have described the glyph as meaning the cross of matter or reality over the soul. This is where the material nature of man rules. Some people see the glyph as Jupiter inverted.

Saturn’s ranking: Saturn is the 7th planet and is known as the eldest

Saturn’s numerology: 7, 10, 11, 1, 2, 8, 17, 26

Saturn in Tarot: The tower card or House of God card & The Death card

Saturn in the Cards of Truth: 7 of spades, hearts, clubs & diamonds also related to King of spades, hearts, clubs & diamonds

Saturn’s temperament: crurya or cruel, the greater malefic

Saturn’s sex: neuter

Saturn’s caste: sudras- the caste that deals with agriculture and breeding, the lowest rank in the caste system- the “service” caste

Saturn’s appearance: emaciated and long physique, tawny eyes, windy in temperament, big teeth, indolent and lame with coarse hair

Saturn’s element:  air in Vedic astrology and earth in Western astrology

Saturn in Alchemy: Saturn has been associated with lead in alchemy.

Saturn’s transit: Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to transit one sign and will take 28-30 years to orbit the entire zodiac. When one of these revolutions repeats itself it is known as a Saturn return.

Saturn’s friends: Mercury & Venus (notice how they both have a cross in their glyph whereas Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter do not). This shows the practicality that Venus and Mercury can offer in being of assistance to Saturn

Mercury- the intellect and ability to communicate

Venus- being balanced and making good decisions

Sanskrit name: Shani “he who moves slowly”

Saturn’s rasis: In vedic astrology Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius. In Western astrology Saturn only rules Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign.

Capricorn- Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. Numerologically the number 10 has a lot to do with the ego being removed from everything else. In Capricorn we see Saturn’s quality of being able to remain detached and objective in life. Capricorn’s symbolism is a crocodile in vedic astrology. Crocodylians are relatives of crocodylomorpha, a group of crocodile like creatures that roamed the Earth over 205 million years ago. With that being said Capricorn shows Saturn’s relationship to longevity, perseverance, aging and wisdom. This sign also shows the overall result of what one has accomplished in signs 1-9. This shows Saturn’s relationship with the long-run. This sign also has a lot to do with our status and activity in the world. This sign really shows how Saturn is the planet of greatness and how letting go of one’s ego can pave the way to one’s greatest success. The result of our aim. Sea goat or sea monster. Reap karmas of belief/faith.

Aquarius- The symbolism is a pitcher or a pot carried on the shoulder of a man. The psychological battle one goes through in order to obtain enlightenment. This is where we become psychologically healthy. The pot that the man is holding could be either empty or full. I can easily see it as either. With an empty pot we see Saturn’s emptiness and longing. There is a deep need for fulfillment that can happen only by merging with all and achieving moksha in the sign of Pisces. However, with a pot that is full or perhaps even partially full with water, we can see how through hard work and a willingness to continuously fill and empty the pot of ourselves for ourselves and others, we can create the ocean of moksha that we will eventually dive into. This sign also represents the result of our reputation or our great works. This sign is 2nd from the 10th so can relate to the gains from our status which is often money or many connections like a huge network of people.  Saturn is a planet that can give great gains when one is willing to work hard. As 11 is a higher octave of the number 2, 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. This sign speaks of the need to cultivate relationship in a bigger way that is beyond personal intimate relationships. Therefore this sign has a lot to do with groups, organizations and friend groups. Saturn is a planet of structure including social structures.

Saturn’s chakra: 1st- Capricorn (female) & Aquarius (male), root chakra,  all about survival

Saturn’s favorite and least favorite places: Saturn is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. This really speaks of the patience, dedication and hard work that is necessary in the realm of Libra, which is the natural 7th house of relationships and collaborations. It also shows how Saturn’s restriction and limitation has a hard time in the realm of Aries which is all about adventure and independence. In Western astrology Saturn is said to be in its detriment in the sign of Cancer. Another word for detriment is “exile.” This basically means that Saturn isn’t so comfortable and operates with less strength in Cancer.

Saturn meanings: restriction and limitation, depression, structure, boundaries, responsibility, commitment, self-control, authority figures, father (as ruler of natural 10th house), lessons, fate, karma, fear, domination, slow, time, transition, obstinance, labor, construction, stability, observation, unrevealed power, methodical planning, perseverance, follow-through, longevity, the long-term, being detached, pessimism, realism, bad fortune, consequences, tests, how to say “no,” adulthood, reality, work ethic, maturity, delayed gratification, loss, endings, death, failure, age, wisdom, survival, greatness, self-abnegation, truth, spiritual awareness, patience, duty, practicality, time management, servant, separation, seriousness, grief, “the eldest,” the Sun’s offspring, disease, poverty, ugliness, perversity, sternness, exactitude, discipline, asceticism, solitude, oppression, adversity, contraction, destruction, sorrow, “the great negator,” selfishness, cold, dry, melancholy, inhibition, “father time,” “the greater malefic,” concentrated, strict, thrifty, hard-working, reserved, consolidated, skeptical, suspicious, exacting, sad, suppressed, rigid, miserly, seclusive, delays, losses, misfortune, taskmaster, earning things, austere, atrophy, “Yama,” determination, sacrifice, indolence, laziness,

Saturn tangibles: different sources state that Saturn rules over snakes, mice, foxes, dragons, nocturnal birds of prey, astringent taste, the west, useless trees,* multi-colored robes, torn robes, chronic degenerative diseases, vintage or used items,  people dealing with mining, the hair, bricklaying, pottery, masonry, plumbing, junk dealers, leather, middle finger, a bow (as in bow and arrow)

Practical Remedies: learn how to be adaptable & flexible, practice detachment, accepting your circumstances and accepting what you cannot change, the serenity prayer is helpful when dealing with Saturnian situations

Saturn’s day of the week: Saturday, of course!

Saturn’s mantras: 


Bija mantra- SHAM *for detachment, peace, forgiveness, also great to slow down the wheels of the mind

Saturn in Hindu mythology: Known as Shani or he who moves slowly. He was born of Surya and Chhaya or “shade.” Surya is the Sun god. Chhaya is not the wife of the Sun she is simply someone that the Sun’s wife sent because she could not stand the heat of the Sun.

Saturn’s Nakshatras: Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada

Pushya “The auspiciousness [tishya] of bṛhaspati (The Lord of
Devotion) is worshipping [juhvataḥ] from above and the
worshippers [yajamānā] from below.”

Anuradha “The well beings along with the gifts [anurādhāḥ] of aditya
mitra (The Friend) is ascending towards [abhyārohat] from
above and the ascended to [abhyārūḍham] from below.”

Uttara Bhadrapada “In the concluding (feet of the stool) [uttare (proṣṭhapadāḥ)] of ahirbudhniyas (The Serpent at the Deep) is sprinkling upon [abhiṣiñcantaḥ] from above and pressing out juice [abhiṣuṇvantaḥ] from below. ”

More information about Saturn on Youtube:

Dr. Arjun Pai & Michael Reed “The Mysteries of Saturn”

Saturn Transit in Capricorn

Saturn & Saturdays

How to Survive Your Saturn Return

References for further reading:

Excellent Course on the planets (including Saturn):

Graha Sutras Audio Course

As always if you want to learn more about Saturn ♄ and his cycles in your chart specifically, do not hesitate to set up a reading with me at your convenience by clicking here.

*re: useless trees- One of Listen to the Stars’ subcribers Ashley Botelho had some great commentary on useless trees relation to Saturn. Here is what she said, “The sun rules strong trees with thick trunks, so I’m guessing “useless trees” coincides with how people used to refer to someone with a limp or permanently injured leg (as Saturn shows this also) and so, may refer to the trunk of a tree – if it was bent, or at a strange angle (like a broken leg). Plus, a tree rendered useless, would mean it might have a better chance of not being cut down bc the tree wouldn’t be used for any industrial reasons. Thus, allowing the tree to stand the test of time!”

I really like how she explained this! Thank you Ashley for sharing your thoughts!


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