Lunar Eclipse in Ashlesha Nakshatra ☾☼☽

I am mailing out an article all about tomorrow's eclipse and the upcoming eclipse in February + it's relation to Ashlesha nakshatra + steps you can take to maximize its energy and protect yourself at this time. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive this exclusive content: I will also be announcing upcoming… Continue reading Lunar Eclipse in Ashlesha Nakshatra ☾☼☽

Astrological Makeover Series ♡☺︎♡

I would like to invite you all to my channel Listen to the Stars for a new series called ASTROLOGICAL MAKEOVERS. Around the time that I was in Sedona there was a lot of talk about appearance and astrology. During a live questionnaire a viewer asked if the nakshatras had any influence on appearance and… Continue reading Astrological Makeover Series ♡☺︎♡