Call for Submissions

Hi, this is Nicole the editor in chief of Listen to the Stars, which is an online magazine dedicated to publishing the very best articles and research papers about tarot, healing and astrology. To read more about why I started this site, please click here.

As this is a brand new site, I want to formally invite any and everyone to submit articles to be reviewed and published! That being said, this site has incredibly strict guidelines for articles. It is very important that Listen to the Stars is a site for only the most qualified and experienced in their field to submit articles. That way, all who visit this site know that they can trust they are reading content that is not only penned by a skilled hand, but also peer-reviewed by those who are authorities in their respective fields. That being said, please do not be discouraged from submitting or eventually submitting a piece as you grow heavier in your knowledge.

Nicole ☽


  • You must have a substantial number of years in your field, hold a certification of some kind or have an unusual amount of knowledge about the subject you are wishing to submit an article about
  • Other qualifications could include having written a book in your field or having successfully taught courses on the subject matter you are writing about
  • Articles must be well-thought out, organized and require a minimal amount of editing
  • You must be open to having your article go through a peer review process before posting
  • You should be open to peer reviewing others articles as your time allows
  • Articles must pertain to tarot, Cards of Truth, healing (very broad) or Jyotish
  • Special preference will be giving to astrologers using the Tropical Zodiac or testing out interesting astrological calculations
  • Special preference will also be made to those who are doing anything new and innovative in the fields of tarot, Cards of Truth, healing and Jyotish
  • Articles must include correct citations and give credit where credit is due
  • Any artwork submitted alongside an article must be original or you must prove that permission has been granted by the artist before posting
  • If you are submitting an article for the first time please submit a short bio and any relevant links you would like to share for readers
  • You must be OK to edits being made to your article and bio. All edits will be primarily grammatical in nature and no edits will be made that could affect the overall message or tone of the written work
  • You may also submit requests to promote any courses you are teaching or books you have written

All submissions may be e-mailed to me at

You are welcome to send files via a google docs link to make things easiest. If not it is OK to copy and paste into the body of the e-mail.